Freedom Tax Relief

  • Settle Tax Debt for a Fraction of what is Owed
  • End Wage Garnishment
  • Stop Bank Levy, Tax Levy, and Property Seizure
  • Remove Penalties and Interest Charges
  • Remove Tax Liens
  • Settle Payroll Tax
  • Work With Experienced Tax Attorneys & Tax Relief Specialists

Many Americans feel alone and under stress when faced with the crisis of tax problems. Fortunately, the tax experts at Freedom Tax Relief are available to be your dedicated resource to save you the most money while resolving your IRS debt in the shortest amount of time possible. Relief can be as simple as a phone call. Freedom's tax specialists can help give you peace of mind, and more importantly - help resolve your IRS problems
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JK Harris

Over 250,000 taxpayers have chosen to benefit from the knowledge, experience, and proven tactics of our Tax Team. JK Harris sales consultants are available to meet with consumers, by appointment only, in over 325 locations in 43 states. Meet in person with a JK Harris Consultant for a free review of your situation and get "peace of mind" that your issue will be resolved.

"...Far and away the (Nation's) most successful (in terms of size) tax resolution company." - The Wall Street Journal *

Tax Resolution Services

  • Federal and State Tax Relief Programs
  • Staff of 45, Including Tax Attorneys
  • A Decade of Excellence
  • Saved Clients Over $35 Million Since 1998
  • 90% Success Rate – Second to None
  • Offer In Compromise Settlement Ratio = $0.13 on the Dollar
  • Unfiled Returns, Payment Plans, Innocent Spouse, Penalty Removal, Wage Garnishments, Bank Levys, Liens .
Tax Incorporated

If you're one of the millions of frustrated taxpayers who owe the IRS or state back taxes, we can help. Tax Inc. is a nationwide firm that specializes exclusively in matters of tax relief. For years our firm has successfully brought thousands of individuals and businesses a permanent solution to their tax burden, achieving the best possible results for our clients across a wide range of tax relief issues. From individual taxpayers to small business owners, professional athletes to top corporations, we are dedicated to providing the best service and resolution in the nation. If tax debt's your problem, Tax Inc. is your solution.
IRS Tax Freedom

  • Settle Tax Debt for a Fraction of What is Owed
  • Regain Control of Your Finances
  • End Wage Garnishment
  • Stop Levy, Liens, and Property Seizure
  • Remove Penalties and Interest Charges
  • Remove Tax Leings
  • Settle State and Payroll Tax
  • Help from Exper Tax Relief Specialists

IRS Tax Freedom is a network of tax attorneys and specialists who can help you with any tax problem you may have.
Debt Help

Tax debt relief comes in many different forms, each of which varies depending on how much you owe, to whom you owe it, your current financial situation, and any applicable penalties. Therefore, describing tax debt relief in one simple paragraph is all but impossible. Please take advantage of the helpful guides on our website to find your debt solution.
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