Federal and state consumer laws were designed to protect the consumer. We utilize these laws to protect you while your debt is in dispute. Unfortunately, creditors rely on the fact that most Americans are oblivious to the law and take advantage of consumers on a daily basis by assessing late fees, over-the-limit fees, and interest rate increases without merit. We want you to be informed and understand the rights that you possess. We encourage you to learn more about these laws to help you gain financial freedom.

Laws Governing Debt Issues
Laws Governing Disputes, Debt Management & Debt Settlement
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Federal Laws Governing Debt Disputes & Settlements

Fair Debt & Collection Practices Act
Fair Credit Reporting Act
Fair Credit Billing Act
Credit Repair Organizations Act
Title 9 - Arbitration
Title 15 - Chapter 41 Consumer Credit Protection
Uniform Debt Management Services Act
Federal Bankruptcy Laws

Consumer Protection

Bankruptcy - State by State
Consumer Protection - State by State